It is time for 21st century justice in Ulster County.

Dave’s vision for a 21st century District Attorney’s Office is one that aggressively prosecutes dangerous criminals while enhancing public safety through effective prevention programs. As our next District Attorney, Dave Clegg will bring much needed justice reform—that both progressive and conservative voters support—to save resources and to produce more just outcomes


make our community stronger and safer

• Aggressively prosecute violent crimes

• Support victims and their families with trauma-informed care

• Prevent at-risk youth from entering the criminal justice system

• Combat white collar crime–including fraud against elders & illegal polluting


enact criminal justice reforms

• Treat addiction as a disease, not a crime, by fighting the Opioid Crisis with smart policy and compassion

• Provide alternatives to incarcerationfor people with mental illness

• Implement diversion, rehabilitation, and re-entry programs to reduce recidivism and prevent crime


ensure equal justice for alL

• Help remedy unfairness in our justice system

• Form a Community Justice Advisory Committee

• Promote public trust in the justice system by ensuring transparencyand accountability